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A Guide to Braces: What Braces Can Do for Your Smile

Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, it’s now easier than ever to achieve a straighter smile with proper treatment. But while Invisalign® and other clear aligners are undoubtedly some of the most popular options available—largely thanks to the unmatched discretion they offer—not every patient will be able to qualify for this treatment. Fortunately, there is a treatment option that can work for anyone.

Traditional dental braces, state-of-the-art Damon (self-ligating) braces, and naturally-colored clear braces are great for children and adults alike. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why this treatment method has stood the test of time, even with the rise of custom-made, removable dental aligners. Let’s explore what braces can do for a smile:

Braces for Children: Nurturing Healthy Smiles From the Start

Ensuring the proper alignment of a child's teeth is not just an investment in their current well-being, but a gift that lasts a lifetime. Braces play a pivotal role in correcting misalignments, preventing future dental issues, and fostering a sense of confidence early on. They offer orthodontists the ability to guide children’s jaw and facial development, which can:

  • Help the child’s permanent teeth come in straighter
  • Promote the ideal width of the upper and lower arches as they develop
  • Prevent teeth from crowding by creating more space for them to come in
  • Reduce the potential need for permanent tooth extractions as an adult
  • Correct thumb sucking issues
  • Mitigate potential speech impediments and boost self-esteem during crucial formative years

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends taking children to the orthodontist around age seven, though that doesn’t necessarily mean the child will have to begin orthodontic treatment at that time. Still, the sooner a child gets a professional evaluation and any necessary treatments, the better chance they’ll have at developing a dazzling, healthy smile over time.

Braces for Adults: Embracing Transformation at Any Age

Whether it's for personal or professional reasons, adults’ investment in their own orthodontic care pays dividends in improved oral health and an enhanced quality of life. Contrary to common misconceptions, braces are not exclusively meant to adolescents. Adults seeking orthodontic treatment solutions may discover that the benefits of braces far outweigh the stigma of their appearance. While it’s also worth repeating that not all adults will qualify for Invisalign or similar options, more adults than ever are opting to use dental braces to correct their smiles. In fact, according to the AAO, one in every five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21.

The main advantage braces provide adults lies in the correction of misalignments that may lead to discomfort, jaw pain, or even more severe oral health issues. They can correct or prevent issues such as:

  • Malocclusions, or “bad bites” resulting from teeth not fitting together properly
  • Tooth decay or gum disease, which can occur in areas where teeth are too closely crowded together or spaced too far apart
  • Abnormal jaw pain and pressure stemming from crooked teeth

Beyond the physical aspects of having a healthier mouth, adult braces offer a worthwhile psychological benefit: the chance to reclaim one’s confidence through a revitalized smile. And if the appearance of having a “mouth full of metal braces” is enough to dissuade an adult from seeking the orthodontic treatment they need, there are options that could change this opinion:

  • Clear braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Lingual braces (which are placed behind the teeth)

Braces for Everyone: Universal Benefits

As trendy as removable aligners are, every patient should know that they aren’t a perfect treatment option for everyone. In fact, braces may be a more manageable option for many patients. Why? Reasons include:

  • The ability to correct complex orthodontic issues, which aligners do not have
  • The inability for patients to misplace and lose their braces
  • Less regular maintenance needed to keep braces in good condition
  • Their resistance to staining from food and drinks
  • Better durability than removable aligners

This isn’t to say that braces are a superior option to removable aligners, or vice versa. What may be an attractive feature to some patients could be a non-factor for others, as everyone is unique. Rather, it’s proof that no one should write braces off simply because of the way they look. Plus, it’s only a temporary look—and if a patient stays true to their orthodontist-recommended treatment plan, it won’t be long before they’re gone.

Learn More About Braces for Children & Adults

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